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Vision and Strategy
Our Vision

One World through Communication

Our Strategy

Innovation is not a luxury. It's just necessity.
Of course, we VoLANs always try to be innovative when we think and do anything. And our products and services should reflect such efforts.

Focusing on THE market
It can be one of basic operations for a company to select and concentrate on the right market.
We have been focusing on business communication systems market, especially for SMEs. It's because majority of new born businesses are small or medium in size, but lots of solutions in curremt market are only for large sized enterprises.

Enhancing R&D capability
The product quality is very important for the company which provides the product to its customers.
Needless to say, for improving the product quality, research and development is the key factor. Therefore, We spend a great deal of our effort and resources on enhancing our R&D capability.

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