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VL Series IP PBX
VoLANs VL series IP PBXs are all-in-one solution. Especially these products are designed to meet the various needs of small and meduim-sized enterprises and to enable VoIP service providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch basic business VoIP services.
VL series provides an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies.
It supports enterprise-class features, such as custom call routing, various call services, remote user access and site-to-site connectivity with robust security mechanism.
VoSS25 VL2000 VL3000 VL5000
Analog Gateway
VoLANs Analog Gateway offers large number of FXS ports for using PSTN. It works reliably even when it interlocks with VoLANs IP-PBXs.
VG1000 VL2000G
Peripheral Device
To build efficient IP telephony system, we also offer pheriparal device with our VL series IP PBXs as a package.
E1(PRI) NAS(Storage) FXS/FXO
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