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VoLANs IP Telephony Solutions
As enterprises demand business telephone system which is cost effective and provides various call services, the needs for IP telephony solution will continue to extend beyond basic telephony upgrades.
Service providers offering customer-focused solutions, improved reliability, attractive packages, and simplified migration from traditional technology are expected to witness increased adoption of their VoIP products and services.

A key migration option for enterprises is to transform their telephony systems towards IP, that is IP-enable their existing TDM-based infrastructure through integrated support of IP station ports. Through IP-enabled option, enterprises can increase the useful life of their legacy PBX systems, thus reaping the benefits of IP technology while still maintaining circuit-switched systems. This approach will also lead to a gradual evolution towards IP, thus enabling enterprises to conserve much of their capital investment in legacy equipment. Although this approach seems to be a viable strategy in current macroeconomic conditions, it will eventually lose its sheen in the long-term future, due to limited time windows and advent of newer data communications demands.

Hence, we suggest our IP telephony solutions with the key concepts such as greater operational flexibility, reduced telephony transport costs, and enhanced ability to acclimatize organizational trends.
Our solutions can be categorized as follows.


This solution suggests IP telephony system optimized for small and medium sized enterprises which involve under 100 workers.

Service Provider

This solution is for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs).
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