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Solution for Service Provider
Equipment that makes connections among the internal telephones of a private organization(usually a business) and also connects them to the public switched telephone network(PSTN) via trunk lines is called Private Branch Exchange(PBX). Some PBXs in SMEs which involve from 10 to 50 workers are occasionally called Key System or Key Phone System for their additional service keys other than number keys.

For quite some time, telcos have provided PBX functions through so called Centrex Service from telephone offices.
From customer's point of view in reality, Centrex Service takes relatively greater expense on overall maintenance, for it provides PBX functions to customers without installing PBXs in their offices but they still have to pay regularly for additional lines and services. This reality has affected some enterprises to consider their various environments and situations and then to use Centrex Service, but it also has affected most of other enterprises to install and own PBXs by themselves. With this kind of voice communication service which has lasted for tens of years, and recently added with IP technologies, the competition among voice communication service providers to have control over enterprise market is already getting more and more serious.
From service provider's point of view, the first priority is to increase and secure number of subscribers and to decrease cost of inducing new subscribers. How can the goal be achieved?

VoLANs gives you the ultimate answer for the question.
We suggest the most optimized solution which considers all above aspects for service providers.
Provide Optimized and Effective Service
It doesn't have to be a separate Gateway or an IP PBX any more.
For VoLANs IP PBXs already include built-in gateway functions, services can be provided to customers by installing VoLANs IP PBXs either as IP PBX or as Gateway upon needs in various cases. This switchability of VoLANs IP PBX lets service providers cover wide range of customer enterprises.
Service Features that satisfies Customers
VoLANs IP PBX provides default PBX features such as Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Music on Hold, Call Group Management, and so on. In addition to the default features, it also offers advanced PBX features such as IVR, Branch Office, Conference Call, Voicemail to e-mail, Presence, etc. as only enterprise class PBX could possibly provide. Thus, customers' satisfaction would greatly increase.
Improve Service Stability
VoLANs IP PBX improves service stability by routing outbound calls to FXO immediately when IP network is in some problem.
Remote Management
VoLANs IP PBX provides WEB based management tool (we call this WEB Manager) so that system configuring and monitoring can be easily done via WEB browser. And it also supports SNMPv2.
Various Application Integration
VoLANs IP PBX provides APIs for developing application programs related to Click to Call, Call Recording, and more, so that customers can easily integrate related programs such as CRM.
Service Expandability
Various IP phones and ATAs that are proven to be compatible with VoLANs IP PBX can be used as terminals.
Developments of additional services such as FAX can be also supported.
Featured Products
VoSS25 VL3000 LIUs
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