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Solution for SME
VoLANs SME IP telephony solution suggests IP telephony system optimized for small and medium sized enterprises which involve under 100 workers. This is for any type of SMEs that are in need of business class telephony system.
VL1050 and VL1100 are IP PBXs for this solution, and these can be not only perfect replacement of existing legacy PBXs but also the best choice for SMEs that are in need of business class telephony system with low investment but superb features.
More than a Perfect Replacement
VoLANs SME IP telephony solution can not only cover all of the functions and features of legacy PBXs but also provide varieties of working friendly functions for SMEs such as Remote Site Extension, Voicemail to e-mail, FAX to e-mail, Remote Access Authentication, and Call Event Applications without purchasing any additional equipments.
Of course, already subdued legacy PBXs can't support these functions.
Optimization based on Years of Market Experiences
With years of experiences on SME market and with the eyes focused on searching what SMEs really want, we now suggest the right choice of solution to fit the needs of SMEs.
In the market, there are numerous IP PBXs, but they mostly fall into two categories. One is large capacity, Another is right capacity but with features much less than SMEs need. VoLANs provides the right solution for SMEs with various sizes of 30/50/100 users and with full features and functions of PBX.
The Best ROI
With inexpensive but high quality VoIP service from VSP, and with truly affordable and optimized embedded equipments, even though evolving your telephony system into superior one is a major event, you can get the best return on investment(ROI) because of easy and simple application, inexpensive installation cost, and overall improvements on your business performance, which are the key factors of our SME IP telephony solution.
Flexibility that Goes Beyond
Users can be allowed or not allowed to use features and services of VoLANs IP PBX by configuring user policy via WEB Manager. Also users who are out of office can access IP PBX to use services as if they were inside of office by having IP phones at remote sites or dialing in from their mobile phones. This incredible flexibility of VoLANs SME IP telephony solution supports evolving creativity and productivity, and ultimately improving efficiency of your business.
Featured Products
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